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Hello, I'm Hayley

An Integrative Counsellor and Breathwork Coach 
with a

big  heart
curious  mind
& compassionate soul 


Counselling with heart, for your soul

One thing about life is certain –  it is not certain at all.

Navigating through its ups and downs can often impact upon how we are feeling in any given moment.

The work I do with clients helps them to develop:

a greater capacity to cope with life’s uncertainties,

 an acceptance for what is,

 and the power to make the changes needed to live a more fulfilling life.

To live more in alignment with what makes their

 soul shine

A space to be heard

I whole-heartedly believe that counselling can help everybody,

and to have the opportunity to develop a greater understanding of ourselves can be a life changing process.


We know ourselves better than anybody else ever could, but we often can lose touch with ourselves and the external noise can become so loud that we can no longer hear our own inner voice.


Counselling can give you that space to be truly heard and to be able to hear yourself too.


We can all use our inner compass to find ways to live more in alignment with our true needs and desires.

Just sometimes, we need a little help to get there…


It would be a privilege to walk alongside you.


"We're all just walking each other home"
- Ram Dass

Ways to work with me...

1:1 Online Counselling


Groups & Workshops

I hope the people I work with


 Truly understood and heard.

 Accepted and able to show up exactly as they are.

 Warm, nurtured and compassionately held.

 More peaceful and grounded.

 Hopeful, braver and more empowered.

Words from clients

"Before counselling, anxiety was consuming my life and I felt like I would never get out of it. I was struggling to cope with day to day life. Counselling sessions with Hayley have helped me to overcome this and I have learnt new coping mechanisms to cope with this better. Hayley is very calm, empathetic and listens well. The counselling sessions are truly life changing and I am so grateful. I can’t thank her enough!"

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